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Thay and Jay, here: Sometimes is better than words, more than a feeling, you know?! And we all want stay up all night thinkin' about the moments that we create in our minds, our midnight memories and we always wish that we can get something great, something that makes you feel alive, makes you find a light throught the dark, makes you more strong, and maybe, find that one thing,.
Going to our minds can be magic, so why don't we go there? Little white lies don't hurt, right?! So c'mon c'mon let's have a heart attack together. Twitter: @pazzarovisky / @heyitsjay

Rose Bowl, 09/11/14


zayn malik appreciation week → day three: favourite interview moment(s)

the coronation of zayn malik
august 30th 2014; chicago x


I actually can’t cope with this

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